Oracle released v406 of SampleApp. SampleApp is a one-stop-shop for a demonstration of pretty much any conceivable thing that OBIEE is capable of. It is a VirtualBox appliance with everything on one machine (Database, OBIEE, Endeca, TimesTen, Essbase, etc), and demonstrates basic analysis building techniques through to dashboarding, Mobile App Designer, analysis visualisations with D3, ADF, JavaScript, backend hackery with undocumented NQS calls.One of the things that is still missing from it is the automatic start/stop of OBIEE when bootup/shutdown the machine respectively. Setting it up is easy to do. Below a cheatsheet for SampleApp into line for day-to-day use, focussed on the commandline and automation because respectively that’s where time is most spent on a server.The OBIEE init.d service script that is demonstrated here is available for use on any Linux installation of OBIEE. For more information, see the Rittman Mead public scripts github repository here: get started, you should have done the following:

  • There is a full instructions in the SampleApp_QuickDeploymentGuide–406.pdf, available in theSampleApp v406 Documentation download from the same page as the SampleApp image itself.To make OBIEE start automatically, the first thing to do is make sure that the database (where the RCU schemas are) is doing the same, by setting it up as a service (init.d). This is based on this article for more details about how it works. But for now just need to copy and paste this whole code block into the command prompt on SampleApp to create the necessary files. If you can’t copy & paste between your host and the Virtualbox guest, just go to this blog from Firefox within the SampleApp VM itself.